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What can I learn In Class?

Ballroom & Latin Tuition

Ballroom dancing is now even more popular, due to programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars. We get so many enquiries from people wanting to learn due to these two programmes alone.

Our groups dancing varies from those beginning with the basics to those who have taken medals in the past.

Many want to revisit what they have learnt years ago and this is a great place to start with Wendy & Diane at Dance AM. 

Wendy & Diane would love the opportunity to get you dancing, so please get in touch so we can advise you the best class to attend,  depending on the level you want to achieve.

When you join us at one of our classes we first talk to you about your dance knowledge, we do not want to change what you have learnt at other classes.

Many teachers have the same techniques and dancing is generally the same wherever you go. We like to be able to give beginners the confidence to get on the floor and dance without feeling intimidated by others or worry about if they are doing the right steps while having fun along the way

We know that wherever you dance socially everyone will encourage you to get up and dance and help you as much as possible.

Popular Sequence

Social dancing has changed from the "Ballroom & Latin" only format. However you can expect a variety of the above but can also include Sequence Dances so we will teach the top 30 of these dances that are included in most social programmes.

Once you have the basics in Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha and Rumba you will gain a knowledge of steps that are used in these popular Sequence dances.

Never heard of Sequence? I bet you have heard of the Barn Dance & Gay 
Gordens? These are examples of Sequence but they were danced years ago and are still danced now!

The first dances on our list to teach are usually Rumba One, Square Tango and the White City Waltz, all very popular and quite easy to learn in your first few weeks of lessons.

Don't worry we take it quite slow and we teach at your pace, we always have fun and our teaching is done in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Call us now to book in for your first class.

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