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Beginners Classes Update

On the 18th January 2023 we opened a 2 new classes in Exwick, Exeter and also a new extra class at Alphington for Beginners and wanted to say how overwhelmed we are with the response with so many new dancers.

In Exwick we have had 2 lovely comments from new dancers and wanted to share them with you all.

Amanda - Great fun and super exercise among a friendly welcoming group. Wendy and Tina teach in a relaxed and fun way and are attentive to the individual needs of each student. No mean feat in such a big starter class, and I am personally so grateful as a dancer without a partner to be wholeheartedly welcomed and supported.

Helen - I absolutely love the Exwick beginners class. I have social phobia so it helped greatly knowing both Wendy and Tina from different times/events. You have opened me up to a hobby that not only benefits my health and fitness but is thoroughly enjoyable. I don't have a partner for dance but have never felt left out. The people who have joined are lovely. The teachers are exceptional, outstanding indeed. You may not realise but you have really helped me break out of my comfort zone. For this I thank you very much! Just thought I'd put that out there ☺️

It makes us really happy and excited to know that our dancers have so much fun and enjoyment and hope that we can continue to make our lessons fun and informative.

We are however having to say that Exwick is now full, with over 40 regulars on a Wednesday evening we don’t have the dance space for everyone in our beginners class.

We do have the help of an assistant Teacher, Diane Willmott-Stiles who is proving so much help with our class.

If you are wanting an evening class for beginners we do have a waiting list now and please get yourself on the list to be able to be there when a space becomes available. This will happen as dancers from our existing Beginners move up to the Intermediate class so contact us to get your interest registered.

We are quite full at our Alphington venue on a Thursday morning but could accommodate a few in the Beginners , Intermediate and Advanced classes.

contact us for details.

We do however have space at our Pinhoe class on Wednesday mornings and we are looking for dancers with some experience in Ballroom and Modern Sequence to learn more steps in the Ballroom dances and more Sequence dances to help with your social dancing experiences.

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