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Class Feedback from Pinhoe

We recently gave out at Pinhoe our feedback forms to see what their favourite dances were, if they were struggling with any particular dance or step and it was really interesting to read our dancers comments and I wanted to share with you some of the lovely comments we received. I will keep the full names private but it is interesting to see sequence dances being the favourite in this class, favourite dances include, Square Tango, Sindy Swing and The White City Waltz.


Can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday morning. Lovely group and of course the teachers.

J from Pinhoe.

Learning new steps is better at the beginning before getting too tired. Thanks we are really enjoying the group and the personal way you teach.

M from Pinhoe.

Just wanted to let you know we are really enjoying learning (even if it is hard work for you to teach us! )

P & C from Heavitree.

Dance instruction is excellent and the class is full of friendly people looking to learn, we all look forward to going every week.

M from Exeter

Enjoy all our Wednesday mornings! Perfect the way it is!!

A from Exmouth.

Really enjoy classes and think you have the "menu" just right. Both teachers very patient with us!

P from Whipton.

And a comment from the only person to favour the Rumba One as the best dance was:-

Can Sarah get a bigger bell so we can hear it outside!!

K from Exmouth

We were really touched to receive so many lovely comments and that, from the last comment, we also have a great sense of humour and in class have a lot of fun. There is not a Wednesday goes by without laughter and it is this that keeps people coming back week after week to learn to dance.

They say to "Dance like no one is watching" and our class certainly know how to let their hair down!

Thanks to everyone that completed our feedback forms and we really do have a great class both here in Pinhoe and at Whimple - we are so lucky!

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