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How to learn Ballroom Dancing at home....

A question asked many times of Google is "How do I learn Ballroom Dancing at home and yes you can watch endless You Tube video's you can read books from the masters like Victor Silvester, Alex Moore and Peggy Spencer. This makes for great reading and to get into your head the many patterns you will dance across the floor when practising the different dances like Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and more....

And thats where we hit a problem, standing on your own or with your partner there is no one to guide you in your posture or how you are performing your moves.

You also have to have quite a bit of room to be able push the coffee table and chairs back so you can natural and reverse turn around the room comfortably.

So although it is good to check out from different sources all about Ballroom dancing the best way is to attend a class where professional teachers can help you to get the most out of your tuition in a way that suits you.

So why not come along to one of our classes and learn all those Strictly moves, in doing this you will also meet some great people also learning to dance, we have two great classes with great people that are already having fun so why not join us? Contact us through Facebook or the website for more details.

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