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2nd Class - new location

After the success of our ITV coverage not so long ago we are now up to 34 dancers at our morning lesson.

The numbers of ladies attending has increased substantially and we are now happy that there were so many ladies responded to our plea!

We are now looking for a few men just to level the balance or some ladies that want to learn the gentleman steps?

This is always great if you are going to social dances and find that you are missing out just because you are on your own.

Our afternoon Tea Dance has more ladies than men but most of our single ladies dance both Lady & Gents steps so they dance all afternoon!

As the ITV coverage produced many enquiries for evening classes we have decided to start a new class but in Whimple, not far from Exeter.

If you are driving it takes about 20 minutes from Exeter and there is also a good train service that leaves Exeter Central.

An example is a train leaves 18:28 Exeter Central to arrive in Whimple at 18:45 and the return is 21:28 from Whimple that arrives in Exeter Central at 21:43 and the Victory Hall is a short walk from the station.

We would love to see many new people that are looking to learn Ballroom dancing but if any of our regulars want to join us on May 15th we would love to see you there.

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