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ITV Coverage - Update

See below the update that went out last Thursday - We had such a great response to our appearance on ITV that the phone was red hot! Many ladies just turned up on the day and although we will lose a few we have more attending this coming week!

Just so that you know this is a "Beginners" class or for those that danced many years ago and want to dance again.

We did get a few ladies that had taken medals and dancing at other classes and feel that they were a bit advanced for this class.

We as teachers will never turn anyone away, it is our aim to get everyone dancing - but it is difficult to teach advanced steps to a few when our class is aimed at the true beginner or those not minding going back to basic's.

One week on: male-heavy dance class inundated with requests after revealing they were short of women

A week after we shared the story of a dance class in Exeter which was crying out for more women - organisers have told ITV News that they've been inundated with requests to join.

The ballroom dancing lessons are held each Wednesday in the city's America Hall, and although they've always had plenty of men keen to learn, until now they were struggling to find enough women.

But this week 30 people turned up for the classes - nearly three times the usual turnout. They say they now have so many ladies, they may need more men!

Last updated Thu 23 Feb 2017

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