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When ITV Westcountry came to dance!

Looking forward to tomorrows session with our beginners group who really are no longer true beginners! They have come so far and now have the confidence to really have a go at anything.

Last week they were put to the test as ITV Westcountry came to do a feature on our Beginners group, the story being we need more Ladies to dance!

This is a really bizarre situation as most dance classes find usually there are more ladies than men so ITV Westcountry came to investigate. As you will see in the video I was fitted with a GoPro camera to record our dancers going through their paces. We had a reporter, Richard and a camera man, Roger, and hopefully we will get some good coverage through ITV Westcountry to get our message out to some new dancers!

The reason Tina and I started this class was to get those people that have never danced and those that danced a long time ago and want to start again and we have in our group a good mixture of just that!

We teach something new each week, this could be a new Ballroom dance, which has hundreds of steps to add over time and we may teach a new Sequence dance - again there are literally hundreds that we can teach.

So you can see if you join our morning group you can be guaranteed of learning something new each week. Please don't think that joining now that you will be behind the rest of the group - we have two teachers and some brilliant support dancers that will get you up to speed and there is always a part of the lesson that is teaching something new to the whole class.

Come and join us on a Wednesday morning from 10:15 am till 12:30pm at The America Hall, Pinhoe, Exeter - see the contact us page for more details - or use the chat facility or even call us for more information.

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