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Class update and dates for Christmas 2016

Just to let everyone know just how pleased we are with how the new class is going.

On week one we had 9 new members and we had them doing a Ballroom Waltz to music with a Natural Turn and a Reverse Turn to music in just over an hour!!

We also introduced the Cha Cha with New Yorkers and a spot turn - we also did this to music and even did the Square Tango as well - we were so impressed with everyone and on our second class went over everything we did on week one again and danced more to different tracks and for longer.

As we achieved most of what we wanted in the first weeks we will on week 3 adding a spin turn to the Waltz, adding an open out in the Cha Cha and we will start the Quickstep!!

We had 3 new dancers last week and everyone seems to be having fun in learning to dance which is just what we wanted to achieve.

There are still a few people that we know will be coming but not till after Christmas which leads me onto our dates for classes over the Christmas.

We have our last 2016 class on the 14th December and we start again on the 11th January 2017.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

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