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Programme for new class

With only 2 weeks to go we thought you would like to know the agenda for the first class on 2nd November.

We will get dancing as soon as we can on the day and once we have established peoples abilities and level of dance knowledge we will try to get everyone started on a social Waltz.

Even if you have no previous dance experience we will get you up and dancing with the basics to get you hopefully around the room even if it is just once or twice!

So that we don't get to bored on doing just the one dance after our break we will then start on the basic Cha Cha steps as these steps feature in our first Sequence dance - The Mayfair Quickstep.

If you are reading this and still in two minds please just come along, we can't guarantee you will leave like a Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers but you will have a lot of fun and hopefully we will all make a few new friends.

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